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Get To Know Us

Dr. Nihan is a unique brand with a highly collaborative team of scientists and business experts interested in improving human, animal, and environmental health. We have a combined 95 years of experience in life sciences and biotechnology.

Dr. Nihan was established to combine the experience with professional solutions in life sciences, biotechnology, business development, and legal consulting. Dr. Nihan helps companies and individuals address unique opportunities and needs at all stages.

Our founder Nihan Altinsoy Marun is one of the luckiest people who had the opportunity to pursue the career she loves. She has been involved in science and different biotechnology businesses for more than 20 years. Her Microbiology Ph.D. and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees provided her with different perspectives to implement in the business. She is proud of adding the best experts to Dr. Nihan and generating high-quality projects with this gorgeous team!