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Publishing Services

We are proud to announce that Dr. Nihan is publishing books!

With decades of experience in science and publishing, we started publishing high-quality books under the Dr. Nihan LLC brand!

With a dynamic team of editors, layout designers, illustrators, and marketing who are all experts at what they do--we're confident that you will be thrilled with our books.

Dr. Nihan is publishing books on the topics:
-       neurology
-       neurodiversity
-       microbiology
-       biology
-       probiotics
-       sociology
-       parenting

-       animal health
-       nutrition

Do you have a manuscript? Then, don't hesitate to submit it for our review.
Do you want to become an author? Then, let's talk and make your dream real!
Are you an already-published author? Consider publishing with a new and dynamic publishing house with 7/24 assistance and transparency and with higher royalty rates.

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